Downloading and Installing tk545
on Windows Based Systems

Version 1.4

tk545 has been tested on a 1400 MHz AMD Athlon® based computer running Microsoft Windows 98. and Tcl/Tk version 8.3, patchlevel 8.3.3.

This is experimental software and probably contains defects. It remains under development. When available, newer versions of tk545 will be made available for download at this web site.

Downloading and Installing tk545 for Windows

  1. Select a version of the free tcl/tk software appropriate for your computer's version of Windows from: . Download, then run the executable file to install tcl/tk software on your computer.

    It will ask you to choose a directory in which to install the tcl/tk software. You must install it in a new folder named Tcl on the C partition, i.e.,

  2. Create another installation folder, named C:\tk545. It will be used for the tk545 program and data files.
  3. Download the zipped version of tk545, into the C:\tk545 folder you created earlier.
  4. Unzip the file into the C:\tk545 folder after downloading it. (Note to Windows XP users: Be careful to extract the zip file into the correct folder. Windows XP defaults to the wrong folder and you must explicitly choose the correct folder.)
  5. Remove the tk545.ini configuration file if you have one left over from a previous installation.
  6. You must reboot Windows before using tk545 for the first time.
  7. To start tk545, run the C:\tk545\tk545.bat batch file.


  1. This installation procedure changed and is now the same for Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows ME. The older instructions required editing the autoexec.bat file, a file not used in Windows XP.
  2. If you create a shortcut to C:\tk545\tk545.bat, the shortcut works best if it is set up to run minimized and close on exit.
  3. Power your NRD-545 receiver on before starting tk545 or else the program will freeze.

Revised June 1, 2013